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    hi all.

    is it possble to physically damage a harddrive simply by clicking the 'cancel' button while it is defragmenting?

    ill go through the whole story.

    must have been a couple of years ago now. i started running the defrag on my laptop. and for some reason that i cant remember, i needed to stop it after a few miinute, so i hit the cancel button. ever since then, whenever i tried to go into the 'my pictures' the whole laptop just freezes. i didnt have much in there, so i just avoided that folder and stored my pics elsewhere and everything was fine

    but now, after a couple of years, and with my laptop clogged up with all kinds of junk, i decided to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows using the recovery partition on the harddrive, it seems to freeze up whilst wiping the harddrive, im guessing its when its trying to wipe the 'my pictures' folder. ive tried reinstalling windows from the recovery DVDs that i burnt off when i got the laptop as well but the same thing happens. so now im stuck with a laptop that doesnt have windows on#!#

    is my hard drive completely ruined?

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    Hello and Welcome back, Jamie..

    is it possble to physically damage a harddrive simply by clicking the 'cancel' button while it is defragmenting?
    Very unlikely that the hard drive is physically damaged.

    Do you have an installation disc? Rather than restore discs? You can try installing with that.

    Try burning a Linux Live CD and install Linux on the hard drive:

    Download | Ubuntu
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    Welcome back to PCHelpForum.

    Doubtful that your hard disk is toast.

    Use Partition Wizard to put your hard disk back in order.

    Please use the link here:
    Partition Wizard Bootable CD allows user to boot computer directly to manage partition.

    I recommend ImgBurn for burning. ImgBurn is free and reliable. Burn at 4x

    The Official ImgBurn Website
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    it is likely a bad hdd sector and you just assume defrag had something to do with it. you should have run chkdsk , then defrag but that's in the past. you need to find out what hdd it is { make, model} download the correct hdd diag utility , run tests and if possible zero fill your drive, not just quick zero fill. this will bring your hdd back to near new condition bar any major problems { tests} what i think has happened in your case { my pictures causing freeze , freezing when wiping , etc.} is a bad sector and when trying to do anything to that actual spot on hdd platter, it can't and freezes. hdd have many spare sectors and if bad sector is found , the hdd utility will mark as bad and use spare. win scandisk and chkdsk do similar tasks but can only attempt a weaker repair or mark as bad. only hdd manufacturer utility can attempt a stronger repair and use spare sectors if need be.
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    | Seagate
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    Here is even one step further so that you can go directly to the download;
    SeaTools for DOS | Seagate

    Here you can download the ISO file for SeaTools for DOS.

    Use ImgBurn at 4X to put the ISO on a CD.
    The Official ImgBurn Website
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    hi all, thanks for all the suggestions.

    being a complete amateur at this i decided to try the easiest first. i downloaded ubuntu and tried it installing it, it looked to be going well, but then it just crashed half way through.

    it all went downhill from there really. i made disks of the partition wizard and seagate. but im not sure if im using them correctly. am i just supposed to insert the disk, turn it on and wait for it to boot up? i tried going in the menu and changing the boot order, but all i get is a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left corner. also is the burning speed important when making these disks? i installed Imgburn and used it but it says in the log that my device doesnt support 4x burning. 16x is the minimum.

    oh one last thing. im struggling to find out the make and model of my HDD. i know my laptop is a compaq presario v6000 and it has an 80gb HDD. do i need to open it up to get the model of the hard drive though?

    hope all that makes sense

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    You did the one thing, that you as an amateur should never do--install ubuntu on a windows system.

    that's water under the bridge now.

    your harddrive info is present in your specs. google the info you have their.

    You have a seagate. You are invited to go to the same site for downloading the seagate diagnostic software and to read the instructions there.
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    There are some free tools here the best is a low level format which can remove bad sectors or a hd test tool or a wipe tool
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    just checking but you burned to cd , i hope ,and not dvd? and be careful when using hdd tools because you can destroy all data . your specs say 150gb hdd, and you say 80gb and the rest?
    just so you understand , you have one hdd that has mutiple partitions and you could easily destroy all data and partitions { which is really best but you mentioned a recovery partition , and you might want to burn that partition to img or at least save it to file on other computer before proceeding. } the guys here might have a solution for that as well or perhaps just fix c: drive.{i always wipe whole drive but in your case forget any zero fill and just run advanced tests which won't destroy any data and behaves like chkdsk} good luck and don't worry as i'm sure all will turn out fine.

    p.s. make sure you are using proper media eg: cd-r , cd+r as sometimes cd/dvd won't read both types.
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