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    Hi my pc randomly restarts. I have uploaded a copy of the .dmp file in a text format. As this makes no sense to me can some one shed some light on why it keeps restarting?

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    Random restarts are most commonly caused by overheating (the cpu has a heat sensor and when it reaches a critical point it shutdown or restart). Open the case and check that all fans are working(look for fans on the CPU, graphics card, power supply and sometimes on the motherboard chipset . Also look for fans/heatsinks that are clogged/blocked with dust and fluff.

    If overheating is not the problem you might want to try disabling the "System Failure Automatically Restart" option System Properties (Advanced, Start Up & Recovery). This should prevent the PC from resatarting and give you a chance to try and find what is causing the problem.
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    Hi psun, welcome to the forum.

    To disable the Automatic Restart option that Questor has advised,

    Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Click on Advanced and then under Startup and Recovery hit Settings.

    Then uncheck Automatically restart from the bottom half of the new little window.

    When it crashes next, it should leave the BSOD on the screen and tell you what file is causing the crash.
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    Looking at that debug log the Classpnp.sys Driver is the problem.

    Microsoft has a fix for it, but they want you to contact them to be able to get it...:

    A "Stop C2" Error Is Caused by the Classpnp.sys Driver
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    Thanks joe
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    No prob ofcourse.
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