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    Windows 7 Home Premium - 64-bit

    Garbled BIOS, POST, and Windows Hang Up unless Safe Mode

    My PC suddenly crashed a few days ago (no BSOD, No Warning, No Error). Upon re-boot, I discovered the MOBO splash screen was graphically wrong
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    the POST screen was completely garbled
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    as was the BIOS
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    When it reached the Window's splash screen, the computer didn't load any farther and just stayed while the drives would occasionally whirr up and down (Not a full freeze b/c the keyboard was not hung up). I was able to boot into Safe Mode and have been spending the last couple days trying to solve the issue (as of now, it still will not boot into regular).

    These are the steps I have tried so far:
    1) Virus Scan (the latest Norton) - Clean
    2) Ad-ware scan - Clean
    3) Malware scan - Clean
    4) System check - Clear
    5) Memory check - Clear
    6) Roll back to previous configuration - up to 1 month ago, no change
    7) Un-installed Norton anti virus and all its utilities (found an error code in the log that indicated a Norton-supported utility was "successfully downloaded" right before the crash).
    8) Flashed the BIOS - No Change

    I am at a loss for what to do next. I don't think it's a windows issue (because of the graphic issues and garbled screens before Windows initializes), and I don't think it's a hard-drive issue (same reason), so I am hesitant to reformat, but I am out of other ideas. Please help.
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    Hi Theodulf, Welcome to PCHF!

    Since you are getting a garbled display in the BIOS it looks like you are experiencing video corruption. This points to your video card being the culprit and it looks like its failing. If you have another video card I would look at swapping out your current Nvidia GTS 250 and see if the issue goes away after changing to another video card.
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