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    Tablet problem
    I have recently (6th April 2013) purchased a tablet. Product Details -

    HCL ME Tablet V1 (Calling Tab) also named connect 2g
    Touchscreen Type Capacitive
    Operating System Android OS 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    Processor Name 1 GHz Cortex A8 CPU Next Generation Processor
    Internal Modem 2G Via sim

    Network SIM based, Built in Voice calling & SMS feature
    USB Port Micro USB Port
    Video Display Card GC430 3D GPU Graphics
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0
    Flash memory 4GB Internal Flash Storage
    Standard RAM 1GB DDR3

    Overall not bad, audio and video quality is good but the main problem is about the video playing .
    When I am inserting 16 gb or 32 gb pendrives following problems are arising.

    1. Pen drive videos :
    a) Vortex media player is frequently not working, showing

    OR Showing Video Error : Play failure with unknown causes
    OR Vortex player is not responding, would you like to close it ?

    b) Sometimes files are loading but not playing videos. If playing suddenly


    c) Files are loading but taking very huge time to load, sometimes showing '' Files loading / loading with a display '' There are no items in your collection.''

    d) Many-times clicking on one video to play but playing another video.

    e) Sometimes files are loading but showing one particular video logo
    with all the videos and all videos are not playing.

    All videos are appearing in separate names but one particular image logo.

    Example- All videos are under ''AVATAR'' logo but no videos are playing.

    f) When inserting a new pen-drive, videos are loading from previous pen-drive which

    has been already detached from the device, which is very surprising and no videos are playing.

    g) After 6/7 times of effort such as going back and forward, switching off the power and rebooting may be

    the videos are playing. This is happening every time. Its really a severe headache now.

    2. I have the Samsung Star II Duos GT-C6712 mobile. The Bluetooth is not

    working with the V1 Tab. I have set and paired V1 with Samsung C 6712 but no Bluetooth function.

    My mobile showing paired devices list with a mobile phone symbol on the left but in case of connect 2g it showing ( ? ) mark and data transfer failing. I have another phone LG-C105

    which has been paired with V1 Tab and data transfer going smoothly with no problem.

    3. Yesterday afternoon the device made so problems in video loading and playing , in addition a new thing I have noticed '' Launcher is not responding, would you like to close it ? '' showed 2 times.

    I am not using any memory card.
    This device has '' Flash memory 4GB Internal Flash Storage '' and I am inserting 16 GB/ 32 GB

    Pen drives with almost full store. Is it a cause of this video display problem ?
    I need some technical suggestions regarding to my problems.
    Send mail to the customer care the Company but no reply.
    Kindly help.
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    My apologies for the lack of responses here, sb99000.

    With so new a tablet, I would not hesitate to return it to the vendor for a full refund. Something sounds seriously amiss here.

    I hope you have already found resolution to this issue.
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