New graphics card performing worse than old one

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    Alright, so I recently "upgraded" my graphics card from an EVGA Geforce GTS 250 to a PNY Geforce GT 520 and my FPS is significantly lower than what it was with the 250. On World of Warcraft the 250 was at anywhere from 45-60 FPS, with the 520 it's anywhere from 10-25. All minimum requirements are met.

    The computer is an ASUS 5270, about 2 years old and the specifications are as follows:

    ASUS VH232H widescreen monitor
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @2.50MHz (Is that better than Intel Pentium 4?)
    8 GB RAM
    Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium

    And on a side note, I've been getting simultaneous audio & video stuttering with both graphics cards, and my sound is built in to the motherboard. Could the motherboard be the cause of all of this?
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    Unfortunately you didn't upgrade your video card, you downgraded it. According to Passmark the 520 only has about a third of the speed of the 250. With Nvidia you have to go by the numbers. Anything with 50 or lower in the number is a business use model and anything above 50 is geared towards gaming.

    By the way, Welcome to PCHF Breadbomb1. *wel
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