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Internet speeds (MB vs. mb)

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    There is much confusion on this issue, so i will do my best to help clear this up. First of all, most internet speed tests are wrong. Its the plain truth. Secondly, many people get confused with their download speeds. Your internet provider says your internet connection speed is in Kb/Mb /s (megabits/kilobits per second) When you download something, using IE or Firefox, it says the speed in MB/KB/s (Megabyte/Kilobyte) These things are NOT the SAME. Allow me to explain....

    Byte= 8 bits

    Kilobit (Kb)= 1000bits
    megabit (Mb) = 1000 Kb

    KiloBYTE (KB) = 1000 BYTES
    MegaByte (MB) = 1000 KB

    So 1 KB= 8Kb
    and 1MB= 8 Mb

    So lets say your service provider says your download speed is 6 Mb/s. To figure out how fast this is in Megabytes/s, all you do is divide by 8. so 6/8= .75, or 750 KB/s. This works in reverse too. Lets say you are downloading a file at 780 KB/s. Multiply this by 8. So 780x 8= 6240Kb/s or 6.240 Mb/s, This works with Kb and KB too.

    Hope this helps! :mrgreen:
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