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    I know this is not an important issue but it is very aggravating to say the least. I play a game on Facebook called Dragons of Atlantis. It is a flash based game. At work, the game runs just fine with no issues. At home it does not. I will outline below all the steps I have taken to resolve this and if anyone has any other ideas they would be appreciated. The game itself is divided into two main pages. The first is a loading screen. The bar will load to 100% and then stop. It will not proceed to the actual game page.

    1. I have tried 3 browsers-IE8, Firefox, and Google Chrome. I have also made sure that all three are updated and current.
    2. I have uninstalled my flash player and then installed the latest version for both IE and Firefox.
    3. I have cleared the cache and browsing history of all browsers.
    4. I have restarted my computer.
    5. I have tried a different Internet Service Provider
    6. I have uninstalled the game app and re-installed it.
    7. On all browsers I have reloaded the page numerous times as well as waiting to see if it just needed time to load.
    8. I turned off all firewalls and allowed all cookies.
    9. I have called my IP's tech support to make sure they did not have it blocked for some unknown reason.
    10. I have spoken to the game's IT to see if they had any ideas.

    Thank you in advance for your time and help!
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    Hello Solafide and Welcome to PCHF !

    One of our excellent Tech staff will be assisting you shortly. I have marked this thread Open to attract more Tech Members.

    Thank You for your patience :)
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    Run the network test in my signature from your work machine and also your home machine and attach the results.

    EDIT:This thread that has been has not been responded to and or no updates, has now expired and therefore been closed.
    If you were unable to post due to reasons beyond your control then VM me, (Vger) as I closed the thread and I will re-open it for you.
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