Report: Crime-as-a-Service tools and anonymization help any idiot be a cyber-criminal

Almost any idiot with malicious intentions can jump into the cybercrime arena thanks to 'Crime-as-a-Service' tools that lower the entry barriers into cybercrime; wannabe cyber-criminals who lack technical expertise can simply buy the tools and skills needed. In fact, “Crime-as-a-Service business models” and anonymization have helped many traditional organized crime groups move to cybercrime, according to the 2014 Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) published today. It’s easy to do and difficult to be busted since “criminals in cyberspace do not need to be close to the crime scene, they might never even travel to the target country, and can attack a large number of victims globally with minimum effort and risk by hiding their identity.”

Law enforcement was advised to beef up its visible online presence and to learn Russian in order to better investigate organized crime groups. But that’s just a couple of many investigation recommendations in the 2014 iOCTA summary (pdf).

A Guy