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    The browser market is a fiercely competitive arena dominated by three big players: Microsoft, Google and Mozilla. Yes, there are other browsers out there like Safari and Opera, but for the most part, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox are the household names that most consumers know.

    While the browsers are free, there is a lot of money on the line too. Why? Well, when a user installs a browser, the default search engine on that browser is the path to revenue for these companies. For example, Firefox sells the rights to Google to make it the default search browser for around $300 million a year. The reason Google does this is that it will earn all of that back, and likely a lot more, as Firefox users search through Google, allowing the company to share its advertisements with a wider audience.

    According to a new security report out by Bromium, Internet Explorer was the most vulnerable web browser in the first half of 2014. The firm states that IE was the most patched and most exploited product in the first half of 2014, surpassing Java and Flash.

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    What ever browser you use, keep it up to date and watch closely for "bundled" add ons!! All browsers can be hijacked
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