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    sata 150
    my mother board is sata 150 compatable and im looking for a new hard drive in order to increase my capacity. can i buy a sata 300 HD or is it incompatable. my mobo is a abit it7-max2 v2.0 if it helps.
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    Welcoe to the PCHF fine-an-dandy.

    SATA2 (300) is backwards compatable with SATA (150)
    You can safely buy the SATA2 hdd and install it on your computer.
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    hard drive not detected, yet is recognised? :s

    hi, first post, so here goes - i think i may have a similar problem to the previous message, yet im not quite sure how to go about it. (i'm still going to see if i can alter the jumpers once more now..).
    last saturday i bought a 2nd hard drive , a Western digital "wd 2500JS-58NCB1" 250gb . i think its the sata 300 version that ive got, on the sticker on the packaging, it says "sata2"
    My primary hard drive is a "samsung spinpoint HD160JJ wu100-33" which i also presume is a sata 2, and works fine.

    my problem is that, in "my computer", there is only one viewing disk drive , C:. the 160Gb samsung.
    im curious to why the 250 w.digital hard drive isnt showing, as the device manager says that everything is ok. however, on the hard drive properties from the device manager window, the volumes tab, once clicked on the populate button, the type is unknown , status is not initialised, and the partition style is not applicable..

    can anyone help me on my problem?
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    heres a picture of whats going on . .
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    ok never mind ! kinda sorted my problem out after browsing through the other sections of this site. (never knew about the admin tools in control panel etc )
    found the disk management thing....
    ( thanks to Wolfeymole in the thread located here )
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    Hi and welcome to the site.

    Did you receive a driver disk/utility disk with the drive?
    Did you look in Drive Management to see if it has been recognized? ...then you may need to assign a drive letter manually.
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    LOL - I was literally seconds too late
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    lol indeed. - for the record, no i didnt have a disc with the drive .... i even forgot the get the cables when i bought it, luckily my friend has loads of spares, so i just owe him a pint. (got the drive from scan.co.uk)
    and yea, i just did a quick format/small partition to see if it worked, and it did, so now im just making it into one big drive instead of a small partition. (6% . . .zzz)
    Thanks anyhow.
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    Glad to hear you sorted it jimmy

    Scan.co.uk - Good choice (me like scan)
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