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    Should i replace my motherboard and CPU at this point??

    Long story short, I spilled some liquids onto my PC. The problem at first seemed to be my PSU which at the time was a RM750. So I replaced it with the RM850, when i tried booting it up i had a black screen but everything else turned on. No motherboard or any type of screen appeared everything else seemed to be running fans,liquid cooler, gpu however my mouse and keyboard wouldn't but my microphone did have a lit light on which mean it was being powered. After that i decided to replace a cable on my psu and it had a short circuit which I'm guessing fried my psu once again because a burning smell appeared but it smelled brand new similar to the psu(hopefully you understand what i mean xD) So now my psu my a clicking sound everytime i try to start it but i wont stay turned on anymore. I want to know if i should replace my motherboard and cpu or should i try changing my PSU only? And maybe recommend a build with GTX 780Ti?? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
    My build:
    CPU: i5 4690k
    GPU: PNY GTX 780Ti
    Motherboard:MSI z87-g45
    RAM: 8gb Corsair Vengeance
    PSU: Corsair RM850w
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    What do you mean when you say "you spilled some liquid onto your PC"? Where did the liquid actually get spilled...on to what?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bassfisher6522 View Post
    What do you mean when you say "you spilled some liquid onto your PC"? Where did the liquid actually get spilled...on to what?
    My PC was on the floor and the glass was on my desk, when it was knocked down some of it i guess fell on top but i have a fan there which I'm guessing not alot spilled on there. It seemed that when the glass hit the floor alot of the liquids fell mostly on the PSU. When checked my pc the next day only few parts of the motherboard were sticky mostly the PSU the CPU cooler was pretty sticky aswell so I'm guessing some fluids got onto the CPU?
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    I would start from the cheapest part first and work my way up, so change the PSU and see whether that helps.

    Also open up your CPU and see whether there is any sticky residue between or on the pins where the CPU sits?
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