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Thread: back ups

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    back ups

    Hi All, Been a while since i last logged in
    Hope all is well ??
    Got a little niggle which i need help with.

    I have a dual boot system, vista ultimate & windows 7 ultimate, both 64 bit.

    One hard drive, (at the mo), partitioned.

    My question is, can i buy an external drive and back up each os on the said drive
    so i can make "Back ups" on a more regular basis Other than never
    Hope this makes sense, would i need to partition the external drive for each os, and is this possible ?

    Sorry if this is posted in wrong section, cheers stupo
    Thanks in advance
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    Its very simple you can use imaging software to create images onto the external drive an image will be smaller than the disk size if you compress them. So you can create images for each system and save a few of them for each so you can go back if needed. You can set this to be done automatic. You could also backup both together so you do the whole disk the problem with duel boot is were are the boot files for each system so you could backup 7 but you may need some other files for the boot files. The best option for this is to backup important files to free Google or one drive so they are safe if the disk dies you get over 13 gig so plenty of room for docs and photos
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    Join Date : Aug 2009
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    windows 7 pro x64 bit

    Ok, Thanks Jan, will take on board, if any problems will get back to you cheers
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