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    I'm problems charging my battery and I'm not sure whether I have a faulty battery, charger or laptop in general.

    Here's the scenario:
    My laptop (1.5 yrs old) only charges when I hold the charger cord at certain angles. This leads me to believe that my charger is faulty. However, I think this may also be a caused by a defect in the port where I plug the charger into the laptop (I'm at a lose for what this is called...)

    The battery life icon has been showing a constant 6% for the past week, but I have been using it all week with the charger plugged in. Sometimes (not always) when I turn off the computer, the battery life icon shows 100&, but if I remove the charger, it immediately drops back down to 6%.

    Also, my PC health monitor has been indicating that my battery quality is "poor," but I'm not sure if this is actually true or if the 6% battery life icon (caused by a faulty charger) makes the PC health monitor falsely assume the battery is faulty.

    Any advice or thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to PCHelpForum.

    There is a link for SIW in my sig. SIW is free.

    When you run SIW, look for Battery under the Hardware section.

    Make a snip of what that shows.

    By make a snip, I'm referring to using the Snipping tool and then attaching the resulting .png to your next post.

    SIW can also help you to gather info for your system specs.

    We benefit from your System Specs when we start rattling the marbles in the cranium to get the answer to fall out.

    use Speccy or SIW (links in my sig) to gather FULL and COMPLETE info.

    • 1..Click on User CP (top left of PC Help Forum window) |
    • 2.Settings and Options (in column on left), Edit Options |
    • 3.Thread Display Optionssection | System Specs option, Yes |
    • 4..fill in as much info as possible
      Be sure to tell us the manufacturer of your computer
      Be sure to tell us the model of your computer.|
      5.Scroll to bottom, SAVE CHANGES button

    Your system specs travel with each of your posts.
    The person desiring to help you does not have to search your posts for your specs.

    Do NOT ever post your Windows Product ID/Serial Number which is available under:
    Speccy | Operating System | Serial Number and under
    SIW | Software | Licenses | Windows Product Key

    Do NOT ever post your Windows Product ID/Serial Number.

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    Thanks, nameisuser, for your help.

    Here's the screenshot as per your request. I have also updated my specs. Hopefully you can view them now. Please let me know if you require more detailed info.

    Attached Images
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    You might want to add SP1 to the line where you've entered the info about the operating system.

    That let's us know that at least one crucial set of updates has been installed.

    Now so that I, and you, can gain insight into the state of your battery:
    There is a link for SIW in my sig. SIW is free.

    When you run SIW, look for Battery under the Hardware section.

    Make a snip of what that shows.
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    Attached is the snapshot for the battery info.

    Thanks again for your help!
    Attached Images
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    Your battery is dying, but is not dead. I've seen worse. The trouble is that the battery is not being charged.

    When you say that if you hold the cord at certain angles, that the charger works, are you referring to:
    1. where the cord enters the laptop,
    2. where the cord leaves the charger to go to the laptop,
    3, where the cord from the wall outlet connects to the charger
    4. where the cord connects to the wall outlet?
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    I believe it's where the cord enters the laptop.
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    Where the battery charger cord enters the laptop: Is the connector in the laptop loose? If that is loose, then you or someone has a repair job on their hands.

    Otherwise, you really should buy a laptop charger.

    You can get a universal type. You must be very careful to set the universal adapter to the correct voltage. You can order from an electronics parts store, such as, NewEgg or you can pay many times more and order from your laptop manufacturer.

    I'm using a replacement charger on my Toshiba. The replacement I bought at Fry's Electronics. Be sure to get one with a high enough wattage rating. You can always get a charger with more wattage capability than you need and be fine. Not enough and either your laptop has problems or the univeral charger becomes good for use as a paperweight.

    After you've got your replacement and all is well, then when you get bored you can try to repair the cable.

    But remember, first check to see if the laptop's connector is not loose.
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