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Thread: IP blocked

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    IP blocked

    Hi PCHF!

    See, for some reason, I was suddenly unable to access tumblr. Yeah, tumblr. I couldn't open any tumblr.com pages and images. I used two computers and my tumblr phone app (using the same IP) but both couldn't connect.

    I understand it's blocked, but what I want to know if there's any way I can know who blocked it? Like, whether it was blocked from my ISP's side or the website's side or if it's done by some other party?

    Also what can I do to bypass the block? I tried setting up a VPN using this guide [link] but I couldn't get it to work.

    Thanks a lot!
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    Can you access it ok if you use your phone outside your network
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    Quote Originally Posted by samuria View Post
    Can you access it ok if you use your phone outside your network
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    Can you ping the ip set dns to & see if that solves it
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    Oh holy wow! Yes it is! Thank you! Really! Thanks!

    Would you mind giving me a teeny tiny explanation on what happened and what magic you worked?
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    When you connect to say ms.com the pc goes to a dns server and asks for the ip address for it as it doesnt understand ms.com by default wireless routers set them selves as the dns and often cant cope with the extra traffic. the dns i gave you is open dns and should be used on all your pcs not only is it very fast it will also block bad sites
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